A MONSTER of a museum


The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum will be the number one educational tourism attraction in Northern Alberta. Once built, this 41,000 sq. ft. facility will host a world-class museum, research facility and community space.

Our project team is busy promoting palaeontology and the sciences throughout the region, with family events, K-12 outreach programs, summer tours, scientific research, and our annual Dinosaur Ball fundraising event.

It's not just a cool building

{but it's that too...}

When the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum opens its doors to the public it is going to change the area significantly. A facility of this caliber will create a steady flow of top-level scientific minds into the region, it will vastly increase tourism and will touch virtually every family in the area. It will house two classrooms equipped with SMART technology, a theatre, a gift shop and a restaurant — in a town where no eating establishment exists.

The smallest North American dinosaur, Hesperonychus, weighed about the same as a litre of milk.

Kid Zone!

{ but adults can play too }



Spinosaurus, from Africa, has the longest dinosaur skull yet found: it's about 1.7 metres.
That's the average height of a human adult!

Dino-Fun 101

{ bringing the field trip to the classroom }

We offer Alberta curriculum-based programs for grades K-12 and fun family public programs. Our programs are crafted to suit all types of learners and are always interactive and engaging. From integrating modern SMART technology, to theatrical re-enactments and art activities, you can be sure to have a memorable time participating in any of our programs.

On average, scientists name one new dinosaur species every week!

The HUNT is on

Our goals are big (like dinosaurs). We need your support!

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum broke ground in Summer 2013 and will open its doors in Fall 2014. Set upon a 10-acre lot in Wembley, AB next to Highway 43, the facility will provide 41,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art, interactive space to explore.

Thanks to the generosity of regional municipalities, the provincial government, industry, and private donors, the museum capital fund is at $23 million. The building is designed, exhibit design development is underway and education programs have already impacted over 4,200 students. There remains $7 million to be raised to finish the project. Please consider joining the team working to create this legacy.