Taylor’s Story

She showed up in the office with a big smile and a glass cookie jar covered in dinosaur stickers. The jar was full of cash.

Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller and her birthday money donation to the museum.

Taylor Miller had just turned nine. And before her birthday, the eight-year-old had a brainwave.

‘I was thinking, I have too many toys I can play with so I thought that the Phil Currie Museum needs some money to get built,” she said. “So I asked my mom if people could donate to the museum instead of presents!”

Taylor’s mom, Kimberly Miller, said to her, “You know what? Let’s do this.” The two started party-planning.

One big birthday party and a lot of generous buddies and family members later, Taylor’s jar was stuffed. Three hundred dollars (and twenty-five cents!) had been given to help build the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum. She donated through the project’s crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo.com/curriemuseum.

Taylor’s jar was very specific!

“I was very, very proud of her, that she took this initiative and saw it right through,” Kimberly said.

Taylor’s family recently moved back to Grande Prairie and part of the reason for the move was to bring Taylor closer to all the palaeontology ‘action’ and the museum project, Kimberly said, such is her enthusiasm for dinosaurs.

The nine-year-old has been a fan since she watched ‘Jurassic Park’ when she was five. “I just thought they were amazing,” Taylor said.

Since then she’s attended GPRC’s palaeontology camps and had the opportunity to tour some of the bonebeds and excavation sites in the area. “My mouth was open the whole time,” she said.

If you’d like to help out like Taylor, please check out our crowd-funding website at IIndiegogo.com/curriemuseum. Join our crowd!

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